• Delnik the Storyteller

    Delnik the Storyteller

    A dwarrow storyteller travelling the Frore Highlands collecting, writing, and recounting tales to the delight of children and guardsmen alike.
  • Otori "Brightscale" Sepret

    Otori "Brightscale" Sepret

    Dragonborn Agent of Bahamut, who uses his questionably devine powers to protect people from evil.
  • Zi-Vaos


    Genasi sorcerer of Ter Gallazhad, Zi-Vaos spent the majority of his youth studying under Geh Vorsa.
  • Zixifid Birbrin

    Zixifid Birbrin

    Goblin trader and vulture rider.
  • Chipgrin Goldwhisker

    Chipgrin Goldwhisker

    Leader of the Goldwhisker Wererats, Chipgrin is a fat and cheerful deep gnome with an almost boorish attitude.
  • Dorbo Diggermattock

    Dorbo Diggermattock

    The informal chief of the svirfneblin reclaiming Blingdenstone, Dorbo is considered widely by many to be the de facto king despite no formal votes held.
  • Einberk Feldrun

    Einberk Feldrun

    The father of Eldreth Feldrun, the fallen dwarf companion of the party, Einberk was grateful for the respect the adventurers showed to his daughter.
  • Eldeth Feldrun

    Eldeth Feldrun

    A female mountain dwarf from Helmunder, Eldeth is high spirited and proud of her heritage. She aids her newfound allies with hammer and shield.
  • Glim "Nim" Ningenackle

    Glim "Nim" Ningenackle

    Steinneblin apprentice and nephew of Gimble "Doublewocket" Ningenackle, minister of the Neblin Ministerium. He sought after Entémoch's Boon with the party before they turned on him.
  • Glyphic Shroomlight

    Glyphic Shroomlight

    The woefully inexperienced junior acolyte responsible for much of the day-to-day tasks and rituals of the Ruby in the Rough.
  • Gregory Stonewall

    Gregory Stonewall

    Aasimar Cleric from the Kingdom of Emanys, and Captain in the Aureal Guard
  • Gurnik Tapfinger

    Gurnik Tapfinger

    A priest associated with Blingdenstone's Stoneheart Enclave who charged the adventuring party with guarding him to the Temple of the Steadfast Stone in the Rockblight to purify it against an entity known as Ogrémoch's Bane.
  • Jimjar


    Jimjar is a feckless gnome with a devil-may-care attitude, a fondness for coin, and an obsession with betting on virtually anything and everything.
  • Lady Thia Naïlo Justire

    Lady Thia Naïlo Justire

    A one-time adventurer from an exotic and foreign land. The recent wife of Lord Alard Justire.
  • Lothbrok


    Proprietor of a smithy in Northguard, Loth is good friends with Beldak, a half-orc butcher.
  • Prince Derendil

    Prince Derendil

    He is not, in fact, a quaggoth, but a white elf prince (of Nelrindenvane) polymorphed into quaggoth form by a curse.
  • Ront


    An orc from a decimated tribe who fled their slaughter, Ront became lost in the Underdark prior to his capture.
  • Sarith


    Sarith was accused of murdering one of his fellow drow warriors in a fit of madness but he has no memory of it.
  • Sark Axebarrel

    Sark Axebarrel

    A Svirfneblin working to defend Blingdenstone, Sark paid the adventurers handsomely for proof of the slaying of a Medusa.
  • Senni Diggermattock

    Senni Diggermattock

    The quartermaster of Blingdenstone, Senni manages the trade and economy, and—though no vote has been made—her efforts lead many to regard her as the likely queen.
  • Shuushar the Awakened

    Shuushar the Awakened

    Although Shuushar is by far the most sane, stable, and honest of the adventurers’ fellow prisoners, he is also pacifist refusing to harm any creature.
  • Stool


    Stool is lonely and frightened wanting only to return to its home in Neverlight Grove.
  • Takahashi Sukuto

    Takahashi Sukuto

    The head of the Silver Dragonborn clan and ruler of the Dragonbrood Isles. He travelled with Otori for several years to bring him to his birthright.
  • Valec


    Deceased Lepori Blood Hunter of Folkshire. Slain by the "Sand Demon" that terrorized the Desert Song.