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The Swordmaster of the Gods

Bhasos is the deity of swordsmanship, discipline, and self-improvement. Primarily recognized in Ter Gallazhad, his influence is also felt in the Dragonbrood Isles and he is mentioned in the tales of the gods not by name, but as the Wielder of One Thousand Blades. He taught Eilistraee her swordsmanship and was a friendly rival of Solaire for a time. After attaining godhood from the Wellspring of Divinity, Bhasos meditated in solitude on the gravity of what had been done. Still, when the time came to decide how the newly made gods would rule, Bhasos—like many others— wielded his one hundred blades on the side of Olthast.

Alignment: Lawful Neutral
Domains: Forge, Life, War
Symbol: A meditating figure wielding many scimitars


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