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Division of Gods

The gods divided themselves shortly after ascension during the Godswar. Those who were cast out became known to mortals as fiends: devils and demons. There are however some gods and goddesses who are still considered to be evilly aligned. Those deities fought alongside the others of the court of gods.

Gods and Worshipers

Human Gods

Corsovian Gods

The Corsovians are one of the longest standing and most developed human cultures in Eobrathas. They live in the Midlands and along the coasts of the Corsovian sea. They’re societal inclination toward trade and faith as well as their historical need to have strong militaries to defend against their surrounding rivals has shaped the importance of their gods. Emanys’s clergy includes the Corsovian pantheon as well as many others.
- Schild – God of protection and heroic sacrifice
- Olthast – King of gods and keeper of law and lore
- Palladir – God of Wealth and Commerce
- Austea – Goddess of Fertility and Harvest
- Moriga – Goddess of Death and Passage
- Fythe – Goddess of Wind, Water, and Messages
- Cirethine – God of Music and Beauty
- Opifex – God of Craft
- Veslyra – Goddess of Sorcery and Magic
- Diach – God of Writing and Learning
- Solaire – God of Sunlight and Valor

Norscandr Gods

The Norscandr clans dwell in the northern mountains and coasts. They’re a cultural collective which depends heavily on their ability to manage resources before the onset of the harsh winters. Sometimes, clans may supplement their resources by launching seaborne raids, particularly on the Gaeldric coastline. They see spirits in everything, but do revere a small group of gods, those which are a reflection of their hardy and self-reliant societal nature.
- Kord
- Morgan
- Aesta
- Tiamat
- Bahamut
- Fythe
- Cirethine

Gaeldric Gods

The Gaelds are a collection of clans, similar to the Norscan clans, which exist in the northwestern coasts of Eobrathas. Like the Norscans, they often war amongst each other. However, they are often the target of the sea raids from the north. In recent years, the Gaelds have experienced a resurgence of their culture and have allied into a solid conglomerated nation. Their culture—with significantly more elvish and druidic influences—as well as their history of war and defeat by their neighboring kingdoms makes them confident and hopeful about their newfound strength. They pay homage to Fey powers, and the influence of elves and fey is felt particularly strongly there.

Dwarvish Gods

- Aanvar Mor: God of loyalty and punishment
- Baraguer: Duergar god of suspicion, cunning, and slavery
- Bertrun: God of protection, home, and kin
- Dol Ona: Goddess of wisdom and magic
- Duermoch: Father of dwarves; god of creation, death rites, and tradition
- Emrhor: God of stonecutting and mining
- Gadavar: God of war
- Gaerhand: God of invention and change
- Hjaelma Mirthhair: Goddess of revelry, poetry, song, and dance
- Jago: God of metalwork and jewelry
- Luath Mor: Goddess of Love and Light
- Orindain: God of Knowledge and History
- Shelarra: Goddess of Healing
- Smauthur: God of trade, wealth, avarice, and gluttony

Elvish Gods

Bánduine Circle

- Araushnee
- Austea
- Fythe
- Cirethine
- Eilistraee
- Solaire
- Olthast
- Veslyra

Bruiduine Circle

- Araushnee
- Austea
- Fythe
- Cirethine
- Eilistraee

Finsduine Circle

In a culture centered around assassins, intrigue and power imbalances, the Drow gods reflect the bloodthirst of their worshipers.
- Lolth
- Eilistraee
- Selvetarm
- Vhaeraun

Foreign Gods

Gods of Ter Gallazhad

- Bhasos
- Mauglivyek
- Kumo-Makir

Gods of the Orcs

- Gothglol: God of Curses and Disaster
- Lunaic: Goddess of Moonlight and the Sea
- Khorne: God of Murder and Hatred
- Malrulca: Goddess of Lycanthropy and Rage
- Sharrolakh: Goddess of Disease and Suffering

Cultic Deities, Godlike Powers and Fallen Gods

- Asmodeus: King of the Nine Hells, Lord of the Ninth
- Tiamat: The Dragon Queen, Ambrosial Dragon
- Bahamut: The King of Good Dragons, Ambrosial Dragon
- Orcus: Demon Prince of Undeath, Moriga’s Mad Son, Blood Lord
- Baphomet: Demon Prince of Beasts, Horned King
- Juiblex: Demon Prince of Oozes
- Entémoch: Prince of Good Elemental Earth
- Lernaea: Mother of Hydras, Ambrosial Dragon
- Ogrémoch: Prince of Evil Elemental Earth
- Relothir: The Sable Lord
- : The Sunbird
- Skiggaret
- The Nilbog
- The Fatemaster: Maker of Stars, Father of Gods, Asmion, Void
- Uncertainty: Daughter of Oblivion


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