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The Staging Grounds of Empires

The Northeastern continent of Vlitagea, the major landmass including Capheth and Ter Gallazhad. In the central and northern regions of Vlitagea, Eobrathas is home to primarily human kingdoms. Their diverse cultures dominating the land, leaves little room in the limelight for the other races and the elves and dwarves who do live within the the borders of the continent keep almost exclusively to themselves.

Birthplace of the Titans, Cradle of the Gods

Emanys, Kingdom of the Gods, was the first city on Esweon and by extension Eobrathas. Built by the titans, Emanys grew quickly into an urban capital. The titans sought greater power however and some hungered after the ability to lead their city to further greatness. Around the time of the Keldari arrival into Esweon, rumors began to infect the titans of an artifact predating even their creation which they began to call the Wellspring of Divinity. The titans who found it ascended to godhood, leading to the Godswar during which titans’ bloodlines were fragmented into various mortal races and the Wellspring was lost. Centuries later, during the 1st Age of the Gods, the Wellspring was recovered and moved to the Temple of Eternal Splendor in Emanys.


Corsovia, a cradle of human civilizations since the Splintering of Bloods, is a name pertaining to the diverse lands once held by the kings of the Corsov bloodline. The lands of Corsovia include the rough, grassy plains and pine woods of Odrad, the grey rocky hills and coasts of Acrad, and the hilly heartland region of Eglain.

In Odrad and Eglain, summer months are hot and humid with little rain. The winter months are mild and rainy there. Acrad suffers more rain and cooler weather year round and the winters are often stormy and chillier sometimes even snowy and frigid.

Frore Highlands

In the highlands, hardy people live in “free-towns” without allegiance to large governments much like in other untamed regions. Kilhorn is among the most notable of these settlements having been destroyed by Vorlgodax in the winter of 957, S.A. 5 and rebuilt and bolstered during the course of the following years in large part by the Dragonguard and their allies.




Isolated behind the natural boundaries of the Titansthrone Mountains lies an isolated hermit kingdom of religious devotees to the Emanysian Orthodoxy which focuses on a set of gods as the principal deities and asserts that all other pantheons are linked with and subordinate to these principal deities.

The governance and enforcement of the laws are done by three tiered factions within the hierarchy of the land; only those with a great understanding of the divine and the laws of the gods may become a part of these factions. The Aureal Guard are the emissaries and defenders of the realm. The Keepers of the Wellspring (or simply, the Keepers) are the guardians of the Wellspring of Divinity and reside in the upper most terraces of the city, near the Temple of Eternal Splendor. The Vestiges of Divinity are the hierarchs of the principal deities and act as representatives of the gods with a much deeper understanding of the laws than those beneath them. Only the highest of the high priests and priestesses are considered for these positions.

Fairfolken Wilderlands

Starless Mire


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