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The Known World

The primary planet of the mortal plane, Esweon is home to the races and conflicts of the mortals and gods. Several landmasses and continents cover the surface of the planet. Eobrathas is a major continent in an overall landmass which also includes the arid Ter Gallazhad and the lush tropics of Capheth.

Many people of Eobrathas have never travelled beyond the borders of their own country let alone into Ter Gallazhad, Capheth or across the ocean.

As Above, So Below

Not only do mortals flourish on the surface of the landmasses, but also below—in the strange and alien depths known as the Underdark. Svirfneblin prefer smaller settlements such as Blingdenstone. But, they aren’t the only ones; other sentient races build their homes in the darkness.


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